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We are pleased to inform you that Specialty Cooling and Heating is one of less than 30 contractors in the state participating in a Residential Maintenance program with APS.

The Advanced AC Tune-up provides a comprehensive assessment of your air conditioning system to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.

It provides for a more in-depth maintenance and a $100 rebate leaving the final cost about the same as a standard service. Given the scope of each one, we can only do a few a day.

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Beware of AC Repair Scams

Specialty Cooling and Heating is please to be the Trusted Technician for an exposé on AC repair scams featured on Fox 10.

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I have been doing business with Daryl and his people for over 25yr. My wife and I just bought our third heating and cooling unit from them. We’ve been very pleased with them.
Phoenix, AZ

I have my cooling and heating system serviced twice a year when I see the reminder in my light bill. A friend of mine recommended this company and so I gave then a try. I don't know what they checked but they were the most thorough check up we've had. Makes me wonder how the other guys were so fast? I will use this company in the future.
Peoria, AZ

First off we suffered for 3 months from the end of March to mid June without AC in Phoenix. We called out 2 other companies prior to getting a referral to Specialty Cooling and Heating. The first company sent a guy out and went up on the roof and came back down 5 minutes later and said that I needed a new system. I said that our finances did not allow for a new system at this time. He said that there was no way he could provide a sustained fix. The next day we called another company. They sent someone out 4 days later. He spent a good little while on the roof. He said that all it needed was a "Jump". A week later the AC was dead again. We suffered for a little more until a friend referred me to Specialty Cooling and Heating. I was on the phone with Daryl and said that he had a guy in the area and sent him over. A little while later the technician arrived, and I thought that he was just going to go up there and inspect the system. He went up and down, up and down, up and down. Finally I caught him on his way down and asked him how things we going. I was expecting really bad news, but he said that a valve was stuck open and he was fabricating a fix and he was almost done. After he was finished he came in and turned on the system and the AC was blowing ice cold. He said that should take care of the issue, but if there was any issue to give them a call and they will send someone right out. A year and a half later, the system is perfect. Thank you Specialty Cooling and Heating.
Phoenix, AZ

I have used this proprietor, for the last 20 + years. I will use no other! Period!!! Honest, fair and excellent warranty. I just had two more Heat pumps put in, because of hail damage. Trust me, once you use them, you will use them from now on. You can feel confident that they won't cheat you. If it doesn't need fixing, they won't take your money.
Specialty Cooling and Heating Customer
Phoenix, AZ